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Minden tudás | MTV1

Flash Video Cyber Care Clinique / demo video.

Flash Video Virtual Training / other applications

Flash Video Virtual Real Estate / other applications

Flash Video eVita 2008 - Healing with Computer Games / Infogenerations MTV1

Flash Video Virtual Reality Rehabilitation System / Microscope MTV2

Flash Video Physical Rehabilitation VR / Kulturhaz, MTV2

Flash Video How to make a movie with the help of a Ladybug? / Kulturhaz MTV1

Flash Video Ambient Assited Living (AAL) / News MTV1

WebCast Heureka! Digital Health Guard / Duna TV

WebCast Sikk: Overcome your fear

Flash Video Mobile Home Care (AAL) / MTV2

Flash Video Short of Breath ... and Fast Heartbeat / EchoTV

Flash Video State-of-the-art Virtual Reality System Helps Patients / VitalTV

Flash Video Treating Phobias in Virtual Environments / INDEX

Flash Video Fear of Height - A new approach to Virtual Reality-based Healing / MTV2

Flash Video Fear is My Life! / Activ TV2

Flash Video Who's affraid of ... / Kulturhaz MTV1

Flash Video Curing Phobias with the help of computer generated imagery / MTV2

Flash Video Virtual Reality Therapy / News MTV1

Flash Video MATRIX Therapy... / Magellan

Flash Video Clones & virtual celebrities. / Magellan

Flash Video Digital Emotions / DunaTV

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