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Virtual reality (VR) therapy employs the latest real-time graphics and imaging technology to place patients in a computer-generated virtual world where they "experience" various visual and auditory stimuli related to their rehabilitative needs. We address three major aspects of rehabilitation considering the patient as a whole.

Cognitive rehabilitation, whereas visual stimuli and exercises in the virtual space are carried out in order to help people regain their cognitive faculties after a stroke or a series accident.

Psychological rehabilitation, designed to help overcome fear, various phobias and side affects associated with stress.

Physical rehabilitation designed to interact with virtual objects and carry out exercises in a virtual space.

The Cyber Care Clinique (CCC) model offers all the above modes in a single unit, i.e. it follows a service model where a hospital may create a single CCC unit and share its available resources across multiple departments of care and research instead of having each buy systems that can be used to treat only a one or a few disorders, as it has been the practice for long.

- TRAVEL AND TRANSPORT - fear of flying and driving, riding the underground, the bus or other means of public transportation.
- HEIGHT, OPEN and CLOSED SPACES - Grand Canyon, New York, bridges, squares/open spaces, tall buildings, Clasutrophobia, elevators.
- ANIMALS - spiders, snakes, dogs, ...
- DEPRESSION treatment and other forms of psychiatric care and consultation

- Stressz management using virtual biofeedback exercises.
- Breathing exercises in virtual space.
- Telepresence for acive resting and relaxation.
- Learn how to control your own physiology!

- Virtual soccer (kick penalties or defend the goal).
- Lung capacity and correct breathing.
- Balance improvements, learning to walk again after a stroke.
- Neglect syndrome

- Customized exercises for your own needs using our 360 panoramic video recording system (PanoCAST).

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